Bodyassist Deluxe Face/Nose Guard (clear) - Adult - One Size

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High Impact Polycarbonate
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Bodyassist Deluxe Face/Nose Guard (clear) - Adult - One Size (#616)
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Performance athletic protection using high impact plastic and removeable padding to help protect injured noses. Ideal for basketball, wrestling, karate, baseball, soccer, volleyball and other sports where facemasks are not required.


  • Helps protect injured noses.
  • This nose guard allows the wearer to remain active by helping to protect and support injures noses.
  • The face shield is constructed from high impact plastic for full vision.
  • Contoured to fit comfortably and to be less obtrusive.
  • Proprietary occipital harness comfortably secures the face guard and prevents shifting and facilitates a better fit.
  • Adjustable straps and unique padding around the cheek and forehead to provide a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Padding is easily removed for cleaning. Simply peels off. 100% reuseable.
  • Recommended for football, basketball, wrestling, karate, soccer and any other sports where a full face helmet is not required.


  • Helps protect your face from maxillary, nasal, zygomatic and orbital injuries.


  • The manufacturer/importer will not be held responsible for any misuse of this product.
  • If pain increases or persists discontinue use and consult a physician.
  • No brace can totally prevent injury and no guarantee is made either expressed or implied that injury will be prevented by this product.
  • To maintain quality the manufacturer reserves the right to alter specifications and materials without prior notice.


  • Crack/shatterproof medical-grade polycarbonate.
  • One size adult fit.


  • Wipe with a soft damp cloth.


  • Gently place nose guard on over the cheek and forehead. 
  • Carefully stretch the elastic harness over the head to hold the nose guard securely in position.
  • Adjust straps as needed.
  • Always ensure to choose the most suitable support for the specific activity and/or injury you may be experiencing and if unsure always consult a physician.
  • If unsure consult a physician.


  • Simply peel away the pads from the plastic sheet and apply on the inside of the guard.
  • These pads are removeable for washing and cleaning and may be reused many times.
  • The unique nature of these pads allows them to provide added protection and comfort when wearing the Face Guard.
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