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  1. Bodyassist 3D Knit Sports Ankle Strap
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    Added stability strap
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  2. Bodyassist Rigid Strapping Tape x 1 roll 1.25 cm
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    For thumbs, fingers, feet ...
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  3. Activease Thermal Ankle Support with Magnets
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    Help ease ankle joint pain
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  4. M-Brace Active Ankle Lock
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    Simple to apply | 1 size
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What Clients Say

The knee supports I got from you are working and my pain has been relieved considerably , I have never used magnets before ,thanks regards.

Greg Matthews.

I bought one of these braces several years ago for my badly damaged knee. It is the best knee brace I have ever had, so comfortable and effective. Now my other knee has osteoarthritis, so I need another brace---so glad I could find you on the internet!


Just a note to thank you for your quick and efficient handling and dispatch of the items that I ordered from you. I realize that most only write if there is a complaint but I alike to give praise where it is due. Regards

Olga Ryan

WHAT A LIFE-SAVER I absolutely LOVE this product and am always recommending it to my friends. I live in Kentucky where the humidity makes it feel like you're walking through pea soup four months of the year so having a roller in my car can make or break a long run! Since I found the anti-chafe roll-on I have have had exactly ZERO chafing incidents - whether running, hiking, or cycling which is what I use it for most, or just wearing my favorite dress or shorts - I don't leave the house without it. 2Toms® SportShield® Anti Chafing Roll-On

Lorri R. United States

My name is Slade Brice Nelson William-Cross Yuille. Australian Motoring Sportsman that represented Australia at the Anaheim Lions International Charity Car Show and assisted with raising 1.6 million dollars for children's charities and I was also awarded by the President of the United States of America Bill Clinton the furthest travelled competitor, I am also the  Owner of the Subaru Owners Club of Australia Registry with over 50,000 members worldwide. After many different forms of motor sport such as rally and circuit driving and having rolled various vehicles and I might add quite a few pretty serious car accidents, there is only so much that the body can handle. Only recently I was driving a truck that was carrying around 6 ton of vinyl rolls was involved in a pretty bad truck accident where a driver of another truck failed to stop at a Stop sign on my Left Hand Side and I T-Boned this vehicle in the Right Hand Side and my left knee hit the dash with such impact that I split the plastic and steel dash mashing what is left of my knee cap and placing me into hospital for over 4 days and I am still in injury pain, throughout my body which includes my LH Shoulder, LH Knee & Hip, My Lower Spinal Area and have had to wear various braces without any luck of them working, until my local GP said that he wanted me to start wearing Dick Wicks Magnetic Pain Relief Braces which I have been doing over the past few months and have noticed a big difference, I was not always able to wear various braces as they where very uncomfortable, but since I was told about Dick Wicks products, I thought here we go again another products this not going to work, well how wrong was I, they really do work - thanks Dick Wicks your products are really making a difference slowly and I am still waiting on surgery to my knee, but in the meantime Dick Wicks products will protect me until then.

Slade Brice Nelson William-Cross Yuille

30/9/2021 I have had a Dick Wicks thermal knee support with magnets for a couple of years. The first time I used it to help with a mis-tracking patella. After months of physio, plenty of pain, with very little gain, and another brand knee support that did very little, the Dick Wicks knee support provided instant pain relief. I wore it overnight and the change the next morning was significant! (Based on the effectiveness of the knee support, I went and bought a wrist and neck support. They also work a treat!) Recently I tore the medial meniscus in the same knee. I’ve worn the Dick Wicks knee support almost non-stop since, which has provided huge relief. On the days when I feel like a break, I’ve quickly discovered that leaving it off is a bad idea. After surgery I reckon the Dick Wicks knee support will still be a favourite. Very happy to recommend Dick Wicks body supports. They did the trick for me!


Thank you so much to the team at Dick Wicks. My Border Collie, Murphy, has improved so much since having had his new fantastic bed for a while now. His arthritic pains have almost disappeared after months and months of trying everything else, not to mention constant visits to the vet. He is back in full swing, walking and even running on the beach, and his recovery time is so much quicker thanks to his magnetic bed. I have already recommended your product to people...thanks again, Dick Wicks!

Vanessa Zikos (and Murphy).